Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bucharest, Dracula Club, fried rats to eat

The Dracula Club, Bucharest, Romania
The Dracula Club, Bucharest. Excellent for Halloween. Knock, and a little door in the big door opens and a face peers out. This is a reputable fine food supper club-restaurant, not just a come-on.

You will like the clientele.

Dan Widing welcomed at the Dracula Club, Bucharest, Romania (on Halloween)
People emerge from the walls. Enjoy the fried rats - looked like chicken breast with dark pumpernickel breadcrumb coating, pimento puree within, and long tails and whiskers of something, perhaps fried angel hair pasta?

Halloween was dress-up night. Watch for the really good actor who suddenly descends, seeking Mina, Mina, Mina; and grabbing bites where he can. See "Dinner At The Count's" at>. There was a group of American tour guides there, not a friendly group at all. One even said aloud, in the face of a lavish and excellent buffet, that she never ate local food, and I hope she chooses another career.

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